La Grande Salle : Theatre of The CabsEverywhere Creative Production House
Let me tell you a little story.

In 1916, Charlie Chaplin released a series of films, created at the rate of one each month, to be distributed nationwide for a full year; a job that was as ambitious as it was stunningly lucrative.

This year I am creating something along those lines, markedly missing the significant lucrative angle.

I am creating a repository of art for my daughter - an analog catalog of works old and new for her to keep and maybe someday pass on, free of the tyranny of outdated digital storage media, available for her to consider and, if she wishes, add to.

Links to these works will be offered here at La Grande Salle, our performance space and gallery; quarterly live performances of as yet undetermined length (and structure) will also be featured here, with an actual not-in-my-house event to complete the cycle. 

I hope you will join us, and thank you for your time.
The CabsEverywhere Creative Production House presents 
Litraedio 2022
12 months - 12 works - 1 event.
Litraedio 000

Harrison Bay

Litraedio™ - 000

Harrison Bay - a simple poem about childhood memories, with an extra memory for good measure.

Harrison Bay - Audio

Orchestral score with narration.

Road Design

Remaining determine few her two cordially admitting old.